Rainy – so what?!

Rainy – so what?! This is the philosophy behind rain power and its German sister company happy rain. The combined sales of over 16 million umbrellas in the last fiscal year not only underlines our competence, but also shows that our great ambition for umbrellas has turned us into a reliable and successful business partner.

Rain Power ltd. understands itself as a pool of a few carefully selected, most efficient asian umbrella production factories under exclusive contract, consolidating their individual advantages and focusing them on the production only. We take care of development, sourcing, quality, social and chemical survey, marketing, timing, logistical organization and finance. Our contractual production partners can therefore concentrate on their production skills and as a result rain power ltd. provides one of the most attractive umbrella offers worldwide. This unique concept is also the base of our continuous growth.

To assure sustained success, our own design team works hard on technical innovations, but never loses sight of its fashionable and aesthetic sense. The result is a program with more than 400 different umbrella styles and more than 60 new designs per season. In addition to our program, we produce for many well known brands, such as Esprit, Desigual, Pierre Cardin and many more.

Exceeding AQL standards, we can provide constant high quality through an in- and after-production control conducted by our own inspection team. Quality and competitive prices are key success factors that have helped our business grow continuously for the past 22 years. We support customers all over the world in developing the right products for their individual purposes.

To find out more, please contact our international sales team in Hong Kong. We will be happy to provide more details and we are looking forward to establishing a long and successful business cooperation with you.

Rain power is a member of the happy rain group, happy rain Germany, happy rain Switzerland and happy rain China, all owned by the same shareholders since the beginning.

1995foundation of rain power ltd. in Hong Kong with focus on the European and Asian markets, start of own inspection team in China, instalment of the first small office in China Hong Kong City
1999new front office with showroom in China Hong Kong City
2004start with the license Esprit in Asia/Pacific, building up a brand distributor network
2007foundation of happy rain China ltd. taking care of the China local business and base of our inspection team
2008start in India/South Africa/Middle East and South America as new territories
2011change to new bigger office and showroom in China Hong Kong City
2012up to now: continuing the growth worldwide. Existing now more than 22 years

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